Drip SmashCakes


All Drip SmashCakes are custom made to your wish. Smashed Piñatas Drip SmashCakes are like no other. People assume they are ‘normal cake’ until you smash into the Pinata and it explodes. It’s a real crowd pleaser! Feel free to tell me about any of your favourite chocolate, lollies or themes to add to the Drip SmashCake.
All our SmashCakes come with a wooden smashing mallet. Custom piñata mix quoted separate.
Bookings through email only. Kristy@smashedpinatacakes.com.au
Family size ISO Size $120 (6-8pax)
1 tier $180 (25pax)
2 tier small $240 (30-40pax) 
2 tier large $350 (50-60pax
3 tier $400 (60-80pax) 
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